SOCK ’08

“Sock ’08” is finished!

This summer I hosted a sock yarn dying party. Ten of us pitched in and ordered sock blanks and Jacquard dyes from KnitPicks.  We each listed our top three color choices and ordered the most popular.  Our tastes were similar enough that we each had at least two of our favorites to work with.

Before everyone arrived, I put the blanks through a short soak and rinse cycle in the washer.  The blanks dried out a little too quickly, so we made use of a squirt bottle.  A longer soak cycle may have helped.

Everyone settled into a role… mixing dyes, laying down plastic wrap, rolling up dyed blanks, keeping track of steaming time, and laying out finished blanks.

The results – 10 completely different sock blanks…

We each signed one of the extra blanks and wrote “Sock ’08” at the top.  As we added more dye it began to look like some urban tagging.  And, finally, a chaotic, muddied mess.

But after steaming, it began to look more beautiful.  You can make out “Sock ’08” if you look closely enough.

So then what happened?

Well, I had to make socks out of the Sock ’08 blank.  I found this Starflower stitch pattern by Jeannie Cartmel through Ravelry, designed specifically for varigated yarn.  Susan taught me short row toes and heels for these toe-up socks and I knit both socks at the same time on circular needles.

I don’t generally like making socks, but I loved these.  I don’t know if it was because of the stitch pattern, or because it was hand dyed, or if it was the fun of watching the blank unravel.  I loved watching all the colors pass by the needles.  I was amazed at all the colors that were in that muddied mess!


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  1. Everything looks awesome!

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