Seaming Blankets


At last year’s Yarn Ball blankets were auctioned off with all proceeds going to Rwanda Knits.  The blankets were made from swatches from various members of Three Rivers Crochet.

Seaming Blankets

Seaming Blankets



It was a lot of fun to contribute swatches, help seam swatches together, and admire the finished pieces.  Although I bid on a couple, I wasn’t the winner of any of these amazing blankets.


I did walk away from the experience with a new appreciation for swatching, and with each new project I set to swatching before casting on.  I considered it my offering to the knitting gods. I had forgotten about my little pile of swatches until recent buzz about the Yarn Ball in November.  So today I handed them over to the group.


I can’t wait to see what they are matched with.  This year, I’m getting a blanket!!

While at the Three Rivers Crochet-along I got word that Becky won first prize for her knitted/crochet top at the Knit One birthday celebration & fashion show.  There are some REALLY talented fiberists in this group!!


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