New EpiPen Carriers





Just finished a couple more EpiPen Carriers.





Over the summer I was asked by a fellow Etsian to design a felted EpiPen carrier.  This was for her friend who was negligent in carrying the EpiPen.  I sold a second to another Etsian who gifted it to a friend, again hoping it would help in keeping the pen at hand.  After receiving such great, positive feedback, I decided to make a few more with some different color options. These carriers are made with an attached clip to clip keys to, clip to a purse or belt loop, or hang in a convenient location.

Here’s a good Food Allergies blog, written by my friend Victoria.

If you are interested in an EpiPen Carrier in other color combos, email me.  I love making custom requests!


2 responses to “New EpiPen Carriers

  1. Those are darn cute. You could probably use it for a lip gloss carrier, too.

  2. I had to laugh… that’d be a huge lip gloss. The length of the pen is about 7 or 8″

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