Bat Flowers

Mom and I met up with Heidi and Evie for lunch and a tour of Phipps Conservatory today.  As we entered the Phipps we were told to look for the Bat Flowers in bloom.  This is a very strange and beautiful flower indeed.  It is named the Bat Flower because of the winglike appearance.  It is also known as Devil Flower or as Cat’s Whiskers because of the long tentacles that hang down.

Evie stuck her hand out of the stroller to touch everything we passed.



My favorite plant was found in the outdoor garden.  The Blackberry Lily is really from the Iris family, but is called a lily because of the look of the blooms.  The blooms have passed and the blackberry-looking seeds were abundant.



Oh, and we tried the hat on Evie and it’s a little too big.  She still looks great in it!


2 responses to “Bat Flowers

  1. What a cutie that Evie is! Could you add a link to the hat pattern? Evie models it so well, I bet other people will want to make one now, too!

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