October is here and the temperatures have dropped into chilly 40-some-degrees overnight. The house is so cold. I had to <sigh> turn on the heat to take off this chill. I usually like the cold. I love burying myself under covers at night. I love wrapping a handknit scarf around my neck and leaving it there morning, day, and night. I can now show off some handknit socks. I love waking up with cats smashed up against me for extra warmth.  Hell, I just knitted these, my first pair of gloves!!

Fits like a Glove - hand dyed sock blank

But I hate turning on the heater. It’s so dry, and I can hear the ding of gas dollars racking up with every whoosh of forced air entering the room.  I hate having to close the windows thus further quieting the house.  I am in desperate need of warm clothes.  Layering thin summer shirts no longer does the trick.  And then there is the fighting for this coveted spot:

I guess I’ll dig into those winter clothes and do as my friend Becky does – spend my days at the Phipps when it’s cold and dreary outside.  If I could only pull myself out from under this warm bed…


One response to “C O L D

  1. I love the cat picture! I’ve been waking up finding my little ones under the sheets. Here’s the link to the strata recipe:


    The only change I made was using 1 cup heavy cream and 3 cups skim milk instead of 4 cups half and half.

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