Bingo Squares

The first project I “hearted” on Ravelry was Avery’s Bingo Squares. (For those of you not on Ravelry, here‘s her Flickr photo set.)  Using leftover sock yarn, squares are knit from the center out and then pieced together to make a blanket.  Shelley Mackie & Larissa Brown’s call theirs the “Barn Raising Quilt” and Elizabeth Zimmermann’s is the “Mystery Blanket”.  Avery’s blanket reminded me of a painting full of textured brush strokes.

I’ve just finished blocking my second set of squares. Some squares are knit from small balls of sock yarn given to me by a couple gals from my knitting groups.  The rest is from my stash, left over from knit socks, gloves, baby hats, and Baby Surprise Jackets.

I love making use of every bit of yarn that passes through my door.  I’m using smaller balls of sock yarns to knit whatever size square the yardage will allow and will put them together in a scarf.

I am working on an entrelac blanket using small balls of leftover yarn in various weights, colors, and fibers (see it here).  I tie cut ends of yarn together and ball them into cat toys.  And yarn that is too small for that gets cut into small strips and hung outside in an onion bag for nesting material for birds.


3 responses to “Bingo Squares

  1. Wow, it’s nice seeing all those squares next to each other. That’s going to be some sweet blanket! Who’s the recipient?

  2. I think this one will be for me. It seems like something that could be hung on a wall as art (if it turns out)!

  3. Check the photo stream to the right for updated photos —–>

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