Beech Nuts?

No, Beech seeds.

This lovely beech tree sits in front of my house.  It’s leaves are seen from the living room window and my bedroom window and provide a nice bit of privacy and visual interest for me and a lot of entertainment for the cats.


The squirrels tear these pods open and drop them from two or three stories above.  Shrimpy and I were the intended target one afternoon, I think.

One of the things I love about the fall is finding acorns and seeds and pods on the ground.  It’s the Pittsburgh equivalant of beach combing for shells, I suppose.  Oddly, I do not remember seeing these last year.  I’m looking for a good way to display these strange little pods.


2 responses to “Beech Nuts?

  1. I’ve always been a fan of things like these in a plain, clear glass cylinder. Simple (and maybe a bit boring), but I always think it looks very chic.

  2. How about a small wreath?

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