Fair Isle Mittens

My first try at Fair Isle knitting.  Well, my first real try at Fair Isle knitting.


I knit this baby hat in January and was pretty happy with the results, but the next one I tried was disastrous and I ripped it out.


The mittens are based on Hello Yarn’s Generic Mitten Pattern.  This template is great for charting out your own fair isle design.  My gauge is different than the one suggested by Adrian, so I am following the general shape of the Mitten Pattern and charting it out on graph paper.  I’m knitting from the top down to give me options on pattern repeats, changing the pattern at the bottom, and choosing the length and cuff of the mittens later.  I think knitting from the bottom up will produce neater decreases in the mitten top, though. The fair isle pattern itself comes from a sweater pattern in the book Knitting Around the World from Threads.

I’m using the third Sock Blank from the Sock Blank Dying Party.  This is the one that we all contributed to with a variety of shapes and colors.  I purchased a 100g skein of Bare Superwash Merino, Nylon Sock Yarn, from KnitPicks, to knit along with the blank.  I’m knitting the mittens two at a time on my new circular size 2, 40″ Options Nickle Plated Fixed Circular Knitting Needles, also from KnitPicks.

I’m pleased with how it’s turning out, loving the colors and the knitting is relatively easy and going pretty quickly.  I’m not really sure how to work the thumbs, but I’ll deal with them when I get there.


4 responses to “Fair Isle Mittens

  1. Your fair isle mittens look awesome! What a great idea to combine the dyed sock yarn with a neutral color, it makes the colors look even more…colorful. Can’t wait to see them all knit up!

  2. love your colors…..is that a hand-dyed colorway by you?

  3. Thanks Anita and Cassandra.
    Yes, this is hand dyed. A bunch of us got together to dye one day and with this extra sock blank everyone added some color until it was filled. It was loads of fun!

  4. These are so pretty!! I hope you’ll be bringing them on Sunday to show off.

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