Gearing up for Halloween

Susan is coming over this week to decorate for Halloween.  She is my inspiration for this holiday.

Halloween '07


Last year she hosted a pumpkin carving party to start things off.  She helped me set up the yard for my first Halloween in the house and dressed up and handed out candy to hundreds of kids with me.  Yes, hundreds!  When we ran out of candy I handed out shell necklaces that I made and had on hand.


I cut these out of poster board today in preparation.  I’m going to silhouette them from the second floor windows at night.


6 responses to “Gearing up for Halloween

  1. Those bat silhouettes are going to be awesome! I like the grim reaper, too. I’m still in awe of the decorating job we did last year. I don’t know how we’ll top it.

    So tell me, what was I knitting then? I don’t remember…

  2. Oh yes, now I remember. Those dreaded christmas stockings!

  3. Can you believe that was only a year ago??? It seems like forever since you were making those stockings.

  4. Great idea for the bats in the window! I recently moved into a small two story so I want to try it in our upstairs windows.

  5. I’ll post a picture when I can… they work really well when the lights are on and the shades are down!

  6. I’ve just posted a picture of the house at night in the photostream to the right ——–>

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