Felted Bucket Bags

As I mentioned before, October 31st marks my one year anniversary selling on Etsy.  I started the shop last October to sell my felted bags. They were a big hit at Handmade Arcade a couple years ago, and those who have purchased them online have been happy with them.  I named my felted collection “I Felt That!”  and these are the bags currently available in the shop:

I love choosing the color combinations for the bags.  When I first started felting, KnitPicks offered a sampler of their Wool of the Andes yarn.  I received a box containing one of each available color (over 30 skeins, I think) at a slight discount.  My friend and I started combining the yarns based on the color names.  Asparagus, Pumpkin, and Cranberry.  Mist, Cloud and Rain.  Spruce, Evergreen, and Fern.  Amber was right…. it was YARN PORN!

I had experimented, making some large and small flat bags, but the bucket bags are my favorite pieces.  I think the color combos and striping make them unique and they are tons of fun to make.


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