Last of the Sock Blanks….

After finishing my Fair Isle Mittens, I had a significant amount of SockBlank #3 left and wanted to try to squeeze out a pair of socks.  I am knitting these toe-up, using the short row method for toes and heels, and following Grumperina’s ever popular Jaywalker pattern.

The Jaywalkers are a fun knit and do wonders for selfstriping and varigated yarns.  I knit my first pair of Jaywalkers over the summer using Zitron Trekking (XXL) yarn ——>


3 responses to “Last of the Sock Blanks….

  1. They look fabulous! We haven’t got sock blanks here in Australia but I’ve heard about them from the knit picks podcast. Yours look very cool – almost graffiti-like.

  2. Aw, that’s too bad, Cat. They are such a blast. Take a look at my first blog post and you’ll see you are right… these did start looking very much like graffiti!!

  3. Posted the finished picture in the photostream to the right ——–>

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