Halloween 2008

Another fun Halloween night on my street. Let me set the scene…

The second floor lights silhouetted the grim reaper and bats in a bit of Halloween scary.   Two tombstones, some skulls, and ghosts were lit in the front yard. Spurts of fog from the fog machine added effect to the “graveyard”. Off to the side, one lone pumpkin (courtesy of Susan’s pumpkin carving party) sat amid a collection of candles.

A large purple and black spider sat at the top of the porch watching over her web. A bat hung above the top of the stairs. 

On a table in front of us, a collection of bones, an electric plasma ring, and a beaker of smoking dry ice.

Minh and Beth joined us this year to pass out candy.

The night started with a slow trickle of trick-or-treaters, but in the end we estimate we handed out goodies to 200 people and had to turn a few away.  There were lots of very cute, really little kids.  A lot of kids didn’t seem to bother to do more than get dressed for Halloween.  And, I kid you not, some mothers of kids around 10-years-old had their own bag for candy.  Some kids were afraid to come up to the house.  Others were mesmerized by the plasma and dry ice, nearly forgetting their treat.

This year I made sure to make it up the street for Jell-O shots and the pirate.   My neighbors make Halloween a lot of fun.  Everyone sits out on their porch or down near the street to hand out candy.  The house on the corner always has a “haunted house”.  After you pass through the covered porch archway there are life-sized (some human) scary creatures and a large cage with an angry gorilla.  Some one bangs on a metal garbage can (heard all over the neighborhood, usually followed by screams).  The gorilla eventually removes a bar from the cage and comes after you.  A few houses up from the gorilla are Maggie and John.  They have the best kinds of treats!  They provide Bloody Marys, Jell-O shots and Steeler dip with crackers for the adults.

On the next street over is the infamous Pirate.  This guy is legendary in the neighborhood.  Neighbors tell me their kids (now in college) would brave the pirate’s taunting for some candy.  At the top of a long flight of stairs stands a pirate who will harass kids with every step.  In a loud, booming voice he will warn them, “Come up here if ye dare.”  “Care to hang around (as he jiggles the noose)”?  “Who dares near the Pirate Ship”?  A father waiting at the bottom of the steps for his kids told me the first year his son wouldn’t go up.  The next year his son was braver, carrying a light saber, he was ready for battle with the pirate.  But half way up he got scared and turned back.  One girl we ran into on the street said the pirate almost cut her head off.  My neighbor Mike said he’s relentless until they get to the top and then, in a very sweet voice the pirate will say, “Hi, how are you, would you like some candy”?

Of course pictures can’t accurately capture the atmosphere, so you’ll have to come and see it all for yourself next year! HAPPY HALLOWEEN


One response to “Halloween 2008

  1. Halloween is always so fun at your house! Thanks for having us over!

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