My Klippan ate my Needles!

I finally dug as deep as I could into the bowels of my Klippan couch to retreive what I thought would be one or two lost needles.  After shaking it like a Cracker Jack Box and suffering brush burns on my arms I retrieved 8 knitting needles, one pair of scissors, one packet of tissues, a mechanical pencil, and a ChapStick that I don’t think was ever mine.


Still lost: one Canon Sure Shot camera and one Visa card.


4 responses to “My Klippan ate my Needles!

  1. You know MacGyver could get himself out of a really bad situation with these items. Just something to think about…

  2. …But the real question is, did you find what you were originally looking for?! Ha ha.

  3. Are those double pointed needles all different sizes, or do you now have an entirely “new” complete set? And I hope you’re not planning on keeping the chap stick… ;P

  4. OK. I’m amazed that no one was ever hurt sitting on your couch with all those pointy items in it!

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