New Juice Combo


Since the knitting weekend, when Lisa brought her juicer to the cabin, I have been addicted to fresh juice.  I quickly found a great deal on a juicer through Craigs List and have been trying to start each day with a fresh glass.  My new favorite combo is parsley/grape/apple/carrot.


And it looks something like this:



3 responses to “New Juice Combo

  1. What did you do with the leftover pulp from your juice? Are you planning to bake some muffins or bread with it?

  2. This pulp I buried in the back yard so the soil can get some nutrients. But I DID make muffins from my carrot/apple/orange/raspberry juice pulp. They came out pretty dense, maybe because of the wheat flour, but they are super tasty!!

  3. Juice Update: I tried making mint orange juice using fresh mint from my backyard, but the leaves shot out the back whole and skipped the blade completely. Just plain OJ for me. : (

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