Dino Walk

hollywood-dino-walkSpent the weekend in Hollywood Beach, Florida for a Toys for Tots fundraiser in honor of my uncle Don.  This is the 4th or 5th year my uncle’s friends have been raising money for the charity, buying bikes and toys for kids in the area, but this year is the first Dino’s Toys for Tots Walk.  The walk started at one end of the Broadwalk in Hollywood Beach and had 3 or 4 beer stops along the way and a little gathering at my uncle’s tree on the beach before ending at Ocean’s 11 with a raffle and, well, more drinking.  My mom and I won two palm trees, which I think is awesome given that 1) we could never get the trees to Pittsburgh, and 2) if we could get them to Pittsburgh, they’d never survive!



Since a good part of Friday and Saturday was spent drinking, we spent much of the day Sunday on the beach, relaxing and soaking up the sun before heading back to Pittsburgh.




When it’s mid-January and cold and dark and I’m sludging through snow, and de-icing car windows, and shoveling and salting, and bundling in layers, or thawing my toes in front of the space heater, shivering and miserable, I want to remember that somewhere it looks like this…



4 responses to “Dino Walk

  1. I hate you.

  2. Welcome home! It’s snowing in Pittsburgh as I type this. My normally beautiful view of the city skyline is obscured completely by snow. It appears that nothing exists beyond the 10th Street Bridge. That’s a lot of snow. Hope you enjoyed Florida!

  3. I’m watching the snow too. What a difference a day makes!!

  4. Look at you soaking up the sun on the beach! I need a trip like that! We should have our next knitting retreat somewhere exotic and warm.

    Too bad you couldn’t bring home the palm trees…

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