Ten Hats in Ten Weeks update

I have pledged to knit 10 hats in 10 weeks to donate to Save the Children’s “Knit One, Save One” campaign.  I started in late October and am half way there, so I thought I’d post pictures of my progress.


Week One, Hat One


Week Two, Hat Two


Week Three, Hat Three


Week Four, Hat Four


Week Five, Hat Five

The gals at Three Rivers Crochet have been knocking out hats left and right!  See Rebecca’s progress here, and Roxann’s here.  With today being Black Friday, I suddenly feel the pressure of my knitting obligations piling up!!


3 responses to “Ten Hats in Ten Weeks update

  1. Oh I love the one with the tassels! Super cute!

  2. Your models are so cute! Do you have to pay them scale?
    Forget it! You will never catch up with Roxann.

  3. It’s true. Roxann made another 20 some last week.

    Your cabled cap has inspired me. I think I’ll try one in crochet.

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