Chilled Wine?

I have been forbidden to dress the cats, and I never thought I’d be dressing a bottle of wine, but these are really cute.


A friend found these in a catalog and asked me to make her a few sets.  We’re trading wine bottle hat and scarf sets for a photography session.  Carrie’s photography skills are amazing, and she’s still pretty new to the craft.  Her pictures of children will blow you away.




For those of you who wish to dress your wine, here’s the pattern:  Chilled Wine Garb


7 responses to “Chilled Wine?

  1. Oh, these are adorable! I’ve never seen any like this anywhere and I’ve got to make some!

  2. CUTE! Love ’em! Looks like they’s work great on beer. Or vodka. Or what have you. 😉

  3. You should totally sell these!

  4. Darling! I made one immediately upon seeing this great idea!

  5. These are the cutest things. I saw these in a local gift shop and loved them. I don’t remember what she was selling them for but I didn’t buy them ’cause I knew I could knit them! and here the pattern is. Thanks.

  6. Cannot print these adorable things

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