How rent saved my life.

Well, really, how the movie Rent saved my relationship with my mother.  This past weekend I took my Netflix DVD to my mom’s to watch together.  I think it can be said, I do not like musicals.  I just hate when they have to sing every stupid little move they make, as in, my candle burned out, I blew out my candle, do you have a match.  Some musical numbers, used sparingly in a movie, I can tolerate.  But the ridiculousness started immediately in this film.  So we started making fun of it and when we broke in the middle of the movie to make dinner we sang songs about setting the table and “do you want water to drink for dinner”.  I told my mom that from now on if she has to meddle she has to do it in musical form.  So when she stopped by my house yesterday and started going off about “why don’t you have anything on your feet, it’s cold, you have those nice slippers…” I gave her a little musical intro and she had to finish in song.  The great part was that I got to sing my response back to her.  We even added a little bit of dance moves, shrugging our shoulders and poking at the air, and were soon laughing.  I think that if we could write down our musical meddling exchanges we may have a hit on our hands.  But, of course, if we were the type to be that productive, we wouldn’t be meddling in the first place!


One response to “How rent saved my life.

  1. But don’t you see? You’re just perpetuating the premise of musicals! I knew it! Everything CAN be turned into song!

    Actually, I’ve never seen Rent (too recent for my tastes), but I do love old style musicals, where it isn’t so much singing every little thing they do but more like breaking out into a BIG song and dance production, ala Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Danny Kaye, Vera-Ellen. (Could never get into Carmen Miranda – I just don’t understand what made her popular). 🙂

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