Ice Cream in December?


I found this incredible pattern on I Like Lemons’ blog.  The cones are so realistic looking, and the ice cream scoops… WOW.  And if this isn’t a testament to it’s realistic look, I don’t know what is:  I was at Sunday knitting at Tango and my friend Ale was there with her 14-month-old son.  I was showing her the knit ice cream cone and we handed it to him.  He grabbed it in two hands, took a “bite”, and handed it back to her with a disappointed look on his face!  Priceless!

chocolate-scoop-1 green-tea-3







3 responses to “Ice Cream in December?

  1. Those cones do look real! I’m not surprised Tomas wanted a bite. Really really cute!

  2. Really cute! I like them! And you even designed different styles of ice cream cones! That’s wonderful!

  3. Oooo.. the cones were so cute by themselves, but with the ice cream on top, now they’re just TOO cute! 🙂

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