101 Uses for Straight Needles – an update

Here is the current list of alternate uses for Straight Knitting Needles.   We’re almost 1/3rd of the way to 101 uses!

1)  Back Scratcher

2)  Conversation Piece

3)  Cat Scratcher

4)  Pom Pom Maker

5)  Repairing Library Books

6)  Fixing Motorboat Motor – unconfirmed

7)  Sewing Machine Spool Pin

8)  Houseplant Stake

9)  Chopsticks – ideally bamboo needles

10)  Hair Sticks/Holders

11)  Skewer

12)  Teach your child to knit with these and hopefully they’ll leave your “good” needles alone.

13)  Retrieve things from under the bookcase.   Also good for under the stove, behind the fridge, etc.

14)  Spear feeder fish to feed to your turtle.

15)  Makeshift Spoon/Eating Utensil

16)  Scoot things off of high shelves.

17)  Power on/off a wall mounted TV.

18)  Straight Edge for drawing a straight line.

19)  Makeshift Rolling Pin – think size 35 or 50

20)  Toothpick – think size 0 or 1

21)  Test Cake Doneness

22)  Piercing potato or squash for baking.

23)  Playdough/Clay Tools

24)  Scoop tiny bits of egg shell out from cracked eggs.

25)  Writing Utensil – dip needle in ink

26)  To reach inside and clean narrow glasses, bottles, and jars.

27)  Retrieve a ball of yarn that’s just out of reach.

28)  To turn out corners when sewing.

29)  For stuffing plushie toys evenly.

30)  Use a bunch as a rack for drying felted knits.

31)  Just found this one, Liana Kabel makes bangles out of vintage plastic needles.  You can see them in her shop.

32)  Knitting Needle Wind Chime.  Sure, it may not sound great, but neither do the bamboo or shell wind chimes!

Thanks for sharing your comments and ideas and keep ’em coming…


(Psst… Does anyone else imagine Lisa K’s house as some Seussian, colorful, odd angled home where most items are knitting needle shaped?  Table legs, chair legs, lamps, curtain rods, … ??)


2 responses to “101 Uses for Straight Needles – an update

  1. Based upon this list, if I were stranded on a desert island and only allowed to take three items, I would definitely make sure to have knitting needles. And I’m not even a knitter! But, would they count as one or two items? Hmmm…….

  2. 33) Jennifer tells us she’s used a straight needle to chip away ice that has frozen a car door shut. Today we all could have used a spare straight needle!!

    34) Susan tells us of a friend who’s family used a screwdriver in place of a broken gear shifter in a car, and can’t think of why a large straight needle wouldn’t also work.

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