Knitted Gifts

I can finally post a few knitting projects that were recently gifted as Christmas presents.  The delay in posting is not because I was keeping the gifts a secret from the recipeints, it was because it took me until a week and a few days past Christmas to finish them!  I don’t know what happened, but these projects seemed to take forever to complete and I doubted I’d ever want to knit again after finishing them.  The knitting urge is slowly being revived.

momsjaywalkers-3For my mom, I knit these Jaywalkers.  The first pair I was knitting were about 1/3 done when I realized they were HUGE.  It turns out that the yarn I was using was not the same weight as the previous Jaywalkers I’d made.  I was not thrilled about the color of that pair either, so I ran to Natural Stitches and grabbed a skein of Supersocke 100 before leaving for Florida.  I knit these from both ends of the skein and the colors and the striping (and the size) were much better than the first pair.  My mom and I wear the same size shoe, so knitting the right size was easy.  Though,  for some reason, when she puts them on, her heel lifts up and she can only walk on her toes!


I knit this golf club cover for my dad.  I have to confess, these are the most bizarre things I’ve ever made.    Maybe it’s because of my distaste for most sports that I find these things utterly ridiculous.  Maybe it’s because I knit socks and these are like socks gone bad… terribly bad.  I could only finish one club cover in time for our belated Christmas.  In all honesty, though, I doubt I would have made more if I’d had more time.  I gave the golf club cover to my dad with the idea that we could call it a failed experiment and cut up the yarn for stuffing or nesting materials if he didn’t like it either.  Turns out he loved it.  He said, “That’s really funny, I was thinking of asking you to make me some of these but I thought, ‘I can’t ask her to do that, that’s just too much.’ ”  My dad has always been difficult to find gifts for, so I was overjoyed to find that he had wanted these and a bit perplexed by the fact that these simple, weird golf club covers (that no one should like) made him happier than probably any gift I’ve ever gotten him.  Go figure.


2 responses to “Knitted Gifts

  1. The jaywalkers turned out so cute, and your mom is quite the foot model! Yeah, the golf club cover does look strange on its own, but sitting on top of a golf club, it looks kinda cute. Nice lettering, too. What’s going to be on the next one?

  2. The second cover says “Toy”, which is the name of the club, or something. It’s done, I just need to sew in ends and make the pom pom. I’ll post a pic when I can.

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