Birthday Giveaway

So, today is my birthday (assuming you’re reading this on January 22nd).  Having a birthday in January has always sucked for a girl growing up in Pittsburgh.  It’s dark and gray, it’s cold and depressing, and you’re limited to mostly indoor activities for your birthday party.  So I’m feeling a bit “eh” about my birthday, but reminiscing about some lovely past ones.  I thought I’d share one here.

When I lived in San Francisco, my roommates and I used to plan birthday surprises for eachother.  Planning the birthday was as much fun as being the birthday girl (or boy)!  One of my favorite birthdays began with my roommates giving me Dramamine, telling me there was a very windy drive ahead.  We arrived in Monterey for a whale watching excursion which was AMAZING (and the real reason for the Dramamine).  This was my first whale watching trip and I’ve been told you often go out and don’t see any whales.  We did.  We saw many orcas, dolphins, and seals.  There was a kill (I think the whale took down a seal), then National Geographic turned up and made us move out of the picture (seriously!).  We spent the rest of the weekend in Big Sur and I had my birthday dinner at the beautiful Nepenthe.  It was a chilly and rainy weekend, but the view from Nepenthe, with VERY thick fog sitting in the mountainside, was breathtaking.

So here’s the giveaway part.  I’d like to hear about your birthdays.  Post one of your most memorable in the comments section below.  Post only one comment and on January 23rd I’ll randomly select one person to receive a pair of my Stars in Stripes drink coasters in your choice of Bluegreen, Raspberry, White, or Red White and Blue.giveaway


11 responses to “Birthday Giveaway

  1. Hubby and I spent my birthday in Vegas about 8 years ago. We had a fabulous dinner at the Isis room at Luxor (incredibly fabulous!), saw the Blue Man Group show, and then I won $900 dollars in a $2 slot machine at the Bellagio. 🙂

    Very fun!! ~ Sandie

  2. hello, happy birthday! Best birthday memory is eating a huge red velvet cake at walmart on a road trip with my husband, one of those spur of the moment things, the best! have a great day!

  3. Happy birthday!!!!!
    One of my most memorable birthdays was recently. My kids planned a surprise party all by themselves. They didn’t want any help from my husband. They were early teens at the time and I must say, they did a wonderful job. It touched my heart and I’ll always remember that party. (I found out about it but didn’t let them know)

  4. My birthday is on December 7th and I have always hated having my birthday in December. It’s no fun for a kid to get her presents wrapped in Christmas paper and each year you are told that, “there won’t be much for your birthday this year because Christmas is just around the corner.” Bummer! I made sure I had my daughter in another month (February). I survived but never really had super great birthday memories!! Not complaining too much though. I have awesome parents who gave me an all around wonderful childhood!

  5. Cute blog!

    A great birthday memory for me was a few years back. My hubby sent me flowers in the mail and the note on them had GPS coordinates for me to find by a certain time! So, I had to figure out where in the heck I was supposed to go, and it took me to a strip mall. Since GPS doesn’t give an exact address, just a general location, I had to decide between a Mexican retsurant, a butcher shop, a salon, or a video store. I tried the salon first and I was right! (although, they looked at me a little funny when I said, “Hi, I’m Katrina, do I have an appointment?) He had scheduled me for a massage! And, while I was doing that, he was frantically trying to prepare a gourmet dinner for me to come home to. Too sweet!

  6. Happy Birthday Lisa!

    My best birthday celebrations were in college. They were often surprises because, like you, I am born in January, so most of my friends were still away on vacation when my birthday came. But they always put something together to celebrate later in the year. The most memorable one was my sophomore year when my friends “kidnapped” me – i.e. put me blindfolded into the trunk of MY car and drove to the other side of campus where they had organized a surprise Birthday party on the rooftop of one of the buildings, complete with cake and champagne. It was a blast!

  7. Nice blog! Happy Birthday…

    I gave myself a husband for my birthday! I called him the day before and we went on our first date the day after. 10 years later we are stil together with 2 kids and very happy. 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday 🙂

    My birthday is in December, so I understand the cold, dark thing.
    My gifts were almost always wrapped in Christmas paper, and I never had big parties like the other kids because it was “so close to the holidays”!
    On one birthday, I decided that I wanted to go roller skating! An odd choice, since I had no idea how to rollerskate. Lots of fun, and LOTS of bruises!

  9. oh wow! that sounded like a great birthday! 🙂

    One of my most memorable birthdays was because of a particular gift…

    On my 20th bday I was presented with a HUGE and very heavy box from my friends. I unwrapped it and it was a vacuum! I was like.. thanks guys! (I’m pretty messy so I thought they were trying to give me a hint aaahaha!) They laughed and said, you seriously think we’d give you a VACUUM for your birthday?! (I really did! I hadn’t opened the box yet) So, I opened the box and under a pile of encyclopedias, rocks, and jars of random doodads was a quilt.

    I was like like… whhaaa?…. and as I unfolded it, I saw that each patch was made by a different person depicting some memory that we had shared together. It was AMAZING. 🙂 What’s even more amazing is that they’re not even particularly crafty people! Granted, they had help from one of their mothers, but still, it was ingenious, and so thoughtful!

    I moved to Taiwan for a couple of years and brought the quilt along. It was so nice feeling like I had brought a piece of home with me. 🙂

    Anyhoo, what a long story! I hope you had a wonderful birthday this year! ❤

  10. Thanks all for posting. I loved reading about your birthdays. I love the GPS and quilt stories. And I feel for you, December birthday people. I’ll close the giveaway and be back after I draw a number to announce the winner!


    Thanks to all of you who shared your birthday memories on yesterday’s post. I have picked a winner from the 9 posts, with the help of my buddy Otto. The winning number is FOUR! Congratulations to KnittingsMyBag! She’ll win a pair of hand knit Stars in Stripes coasters in her choice of colors. (I had a video of the drawing, but cannot get it to load, sadly.)

    I’ll try to have another giveaway soon!

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