Otto picks a Winner!

Thanks to all of you who shared your birthday memories on my last post.  I have picked a winner from the 9 posts, with the help of my buddy Otto.

Congratulations to Lois of KnittingsMyBag!  She’ll win a pair of hand knit Stars in Stripes coasters in her color choice of Raspberry.

(info about the video clip is in the comment section of this post)


2 responses to “Otto picks a Winner!

  1. About the video:
    I used the video funtion on my OLD digital camera. If I could have captured the sound correctly on iMovie you would have heard the squeaking and churning of the camera under very LOUD purring. Of course, those of you who know cats know that this was my one chance thing to capture Otto being so cooperative!
    This was my first time working in iMovie, so there were lots of visits to the help desk. Many of you know my last career was in video production, but only analog editing, so cut me some slack, please. This was also my first time on YouTube. I finally opened an account and have spent days trying to download a 45 second clip. Once I rendered the video and exported it in the appropriate format it took about 20 seconds to download. Live and learn!

  2. Oh that is so awesome! Great job with the video! What a creative way to randomly pick a winner. 🙂

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