Not Cool

After spending the night at my parents’, in the sweet and lovely rural suburbs, I found that some jerk stole the spare tire cover off my car.  “Why, why, why?!”  Will it be resold on eBay or Craigslist? Is it to replace a stolen or damaged cover? Was the thief just bored? If it will be resold, wouldn’t you wonder what happened to the rest of the car that the seller has this most insignificant part? If you have gone through the frustration of having your cover stolen or damaged, why would you inflict that on someone else? If you are that bored, why haven’t you tried knitting?
So, I checked the back of my car about 5 more times, in case I was mistaken. I tried to imagine when it happened and how I should keep an eye out for the perp, like he’ll be walking past the house at 2 in the afternoon wielding the cover over his left shoulder.  I wished the snow hadn’t melted so that I could trace the events of the theft. I imagine the Criminal Intent team approximating the weight of the thief by the depth of the footprint in the snow. I checked eBay and Craigslist for new listings today. I reported it to the police (neighbors should know).
Then I tried to think of all the things this theft wasn’t. They didn’t break a window to find that nothing was stored inside. I can drive around with a naked spare tire, but a broken window is a bitch, especially in this weather. They didn’t get the whole car, or anything of real value, and no one was hurt. I’ve had worse things happen, and worse will come in the future. But there is a feeling of violation that is just so unnerving. I guess I need to leave it up to karma.


It does make me miss my old car and the eyeball tire cover. You wouldn’t get far without being noticed with this in your possession:





And, finally, it is comforting to know that I am not alone.  I only wish I could post some clever, cool note in the neighborhood, but tacking a set of car keys to a handwritten sign would just be stupid!

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One response to “Not Cool

  1. Why oh why would someone steal your tire cover? That seems like the weirdest thing to want to have. I wonder if it was some kid who was bored and just wanted to steal something. Luckily your car wasn’t broken into. That would have been much worse!

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