Spindle Cat Studio

Ok, yarnies, are you ready for the ultimate yarn??  I came across this Etsy listing and it blew me away.  This is handspun yarn from the shop owner’s Wedding Dress!


As a quilter (in a previous life) I have always loved the idea of making a memory quilt of someone who’s passed.  I never even considered turning clothing into yarn.  And a WEDDING DRESS!!  That is the ultimate.  Perhaps we’ll see a lot more upcycling of those hideous bridesmaid dresses in the near future.

scsringWhen you check out this listing in Spindle Cat Studio’s Etsy shop, browse her other items.  She has lots of goodies for knitters.  I love her Handmade Copper Ring Stitch Markers and her Dual Duty stitch markers for use with big and small needle sizes.  scsdualdutyThere are many beaded stitch markers to choose from, all beautiful and really affordable.  Consider supporting a fellow artisan for your knitting accessories.

scsgrapetrioThere are also a couple pins and magnets to show off your love of fiber.  scstranquility


My favorite listing is the set of four cat magnets!



One response to “Spindle Cat Studio

  1. That’s so cool. I was wondering what to do with my old wedding dress. That’s much more fun that just putting it on ebay!

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