Gearing up for Kon-O-Kwee

This year’s theme at the Kon-O-Kwee knitting weekend is SOCKS.  This has definitely been a sock year for me – from dying our own blanks to knitting several pairs for myself and as gifts and knitting mini socks for my Xmas cards.  So I thought I’d try something extra challenging.

ty-dyEver since I got the Spring 2007 issue of Interweave Knits I have been dying to try Eunny Jang’s “Entrelac Socks”.  Now, I know I should have picked two solid colors to make these socks, and looking through Ravelry’s finished projects for the pattern should have convinced me more, but looking at all those lovely balls and hanks of complimentary colors at Natural Stitches got the best of me.  I am told this Ty-Dy Sock yarn has long color runs in it, so I had to give it a try.

During the weekend at Kon-O-Kwee there is an auction.  pvc-needle-keep1Since “socks” is the theme this year, I had to include this PVC Needle Keep from Marelle’s Etsy shop.  I have seen wooden dpn holders that were quite expensive, so I love this alternative.  And, you have to admit, using PVC pipe is pretty darn cool!


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