David Sedaris

sedarisWhat better way to spend April Fool’s day than to see a live performance by humorist David Sedaris.  The show was at the Benedum in downtown’s “Cultural District”.  The  Benedum seats 2800 people and from our seats in the first tier Sedaris was just a small, brightly lit figure in the blackened theater.  Hard to make out much more than hand gestures.  This was a much larger venue than when I first saw Sedaris at the Osher Marin JCC Center back in 2001.  That crowd was a few hundred small and the show was much more up close and personal.

It was a great night to be in downtown.  The evening was nice and warm and the district was abuzz with theater goers.  The David Sedaris crowd was probably the hippest, edgiest crowd to fill the Benedum.  The show, of course, was hilarious. To the point of tears at times.  Unfortunately, it fizzled out at the end when he opened up for questions from the audience, leaving us feeling a bit indifferent as we walked out of the theater.  It would have been nice to have ended with one more story in that unmistakable voice.  I’ll have to dig out my books and my Live at Carnegie Hall CD for some more of his storytelling.


2 responses to “David Sedaris

  1. I’m so glad I went. It was so much fun!

  2. That’s what I hate about working nights. I was dying to go see him — somebody at work even had tickets for the asking!

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