Xavia’s Blanket

xaviasblankie-152I haven’t blogged about knitting for a while.  Probably because I’ve been knitting away on this baby blanket.  This is one of the most ambitious projects I’ve ever taken on.  My friend wanted a baby blanket for her daughter and was looking for something “funky beyond belief”.   It was hard to think “baby blanket” while veering away from traditional, pastel colored yarns.  I knew Marisa liked rich colors, especially reds and purples, so I had some colors in mind as I headed to the yarn store.  I spent a good amount of time fondling some superwash wools.  I had been doing a lot of knitting with sock weight yarn and was really torn between this lovely Ty-Dy Sock yarn from Knit One Crochet Too and a worsted weight Cascade 220.  I’m using the Ty-Dy yarn for my entrelac socks and found it to be the softest wool I have ever worked with.  xaviasblankie-12So I settled on that because a baby needs soft and I was really drawn to these colors for the pattern I had in mind.  There are nice, long runs of pink, orange, and tan which worked nicely with the Lizard Ridge pattern.  The problem with choosing this yarn is that it requires tiny size 1 or 2 needles.  So I picked up my size twos and started making squares.  It was nice to have these little, portable squares to knit vs. working on one big project that would seem endless.  As I finished and blocked squares I would lay them out to see how the blanket was progressing.  After using up three balls of yarn, I settled on the 24-square, 24″x36″ blanket.  I picked the same eggplant colored Araucania Ranco Solid yarn that I used for Evie’s Sweetheart Cardigan to edge the blanket.  I did an increase in each stitch to create a ruffled edge and finished off with a couple rows of garter stitch.

xaviasblankie-6I am really, really happy with this beautiful blanket.  The colors and pattern work really well together.  The yarn is amazingly soft.  There is a bit of weight to this light blanket and it’ll keep baby warm.  The only thing I don’t like is that it’s so small.  I would have liked a larger blanket.  I am a volume knitter and the time that I put into this blanket should have yielded something twice as large, in my mind.  I’ll have to hope that Xavia becomes a blankie-holding, thumb-sucker.


6 responses to “Xavia’s Blanket

  1. Gorgeous blanket! The yarn was a great choice for that pattern. If her daughter isn’t already a blankie-holding thumb-sucker, she’ll surely become one now! 🙂

  2. Wow, I am so impressed with your project! I am the Mom at Knit One, Crochet Too, and love to see what folks are making with our yarn. Yours is the first blanket I’ve seen done with Ty-Dy Socks. Great Job!

  3. I’m in love with that blanket!

  4. Wow, L., it turned out great!

  5. This blanket rocks! You definitely like your friends more that I like mine 🙂

  6. Most baby blankets are too big. Yours is perfect! Just the right size for swaddling, or for dragging around, or for cuddling up with at night. My kids (23,21 and 17) still have their baby blankets, though they’re not knitted and nowhere near as cool as your heirloom. I know it will be well-loved.

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