When life gives you dandelions….

…make fritters!


Suddenly the grass is very long and lovely yellow dandelions are dotting the yard.  I know it’s crazy to be so excited about dandelions, but as a renter for so many years, I haven’t had access to dandelions since I lived at home with my parents.  There are many great uses for dandelions, but I would never pick from a random yard that might use sprays or chemicals.  So, yes, I’m a little excited about the dandelions in the yard.  This is my first time making fritters, but I’ve made roasted dandelion root coffee and have had salads with dandelion greens and dandelion petals.  While there are lots of health benefits to eating dandelions, I just love the idea of taking an invasive nuisance and turning it into free food.


4 responses to “When life gives you dandelions….

  1. How fun! If you are looking for other recipes, Steve’s mom used to make jelly out of their dandelions . I never knew they were so edible. 🙂

  2. No way! Dandelion fritters? That’s crazy! How were they? They actually look pretty tasty!

  3. OK, you have to share the recipe. I feel a “dandelion fritter” and “eggs in a bag” brunch party coming on… I got my juicer all revved up!

  4. The recipe was pretty bland, just eggs, milk, and flour. I would suggest mixing up some pancake batter and dipping them in there.

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