San Francisco, part II

Beth spent Sunday with her brother’s family and stayed with them overnight, so on Monday, Memorial Day, I set off on my own.  I headed to the Castro for breakfast at Cafe FloreCafe FloreCafe Flore has the best granola and fruit and sometimes freshly squeezed blood-orange juice.  My cousin Ron lives nearby and was able to meet up with me for a little catching up.  After I left him I walked around the Castro a bit.  Many stores were closed for the holiday, but Imagiknit was open so I stopped in to admire the yarn.  It was at Imagiknit that I first learned to knit socks.  After browsing the yarn store I grabbed one of the street cars and headed down Market Street, past the Ferry Building and Fisherman’s Wharf, and toward Fort Mason.  Market St

I had read that the Exploratorium had installed some outdoor exhibits in the area and was aiming for Building “A” to grab a map.  Beth was heading back and making her way towards Fort Mason to meet up with me.  When I got to Building “A” I discovered the info center was closed for the holiday.  Argh.  I tried to guess where the exhibits might be, so when I met up with Beth we headed for the Marina.  The exhibits were nowhere to be found, so we walked to end of the jetty at the Yacht Harbor to check out the Wave Organ.   There was some college-level sailboat race taking place, so the area around the Wave Organ was filled with spectators.  We started walking back and dropped onto the little sandy area where some men had built a fire.  (It being San Francisco and May, of course it was foggy and cold.)  One of the men asked us, “Hey, do you want some tequilla?” to which we replied, “Yeah”.  We spent a little while with the group who gathered to celebrate a birthday.  They gave us tips on the best places to eat, places we needed to visit, and mixed us drinks while we kept warm by the fire.  We even had a little manicure work done by a guy with a can of green spray paint.  By the time we left the fire, the Wave Organ was empty and we were able to listen to the sounds of the lapping waves through concrete pipes.

Wave Organ - 1

Wave Organ - 2


On Tuesday we headed down to the Ferry Building to check out the Farmer’s Market.   The Tuesday market is a little smaller than the weekend market, but still full of wonderful choices.  I have missed the size of the Bay Area markets and the wide variety of fruits and vegetables available.  With no where to store fresh produce or cheeses in our tiny hotel room, we browsed without buying, then headed towards SOMA.  We were searching for the Museum of Craft and Folk Art.  We entered the building and browsed the gift shop while waiting for the woman to get off the phone.  After waiting too long for her personal call to end, Beth asked if we could enter the gallery and we were told it was closed.  It appears the exhibit had just ended.  Argh, again.  So we made our way to Noe Valley and another knitting store.  We grabbed some lunch in the outdoor patio at Savor and made plans for the week.  We were going to see the Harvey Milk double bill at the Castro Theater, but had too much time to kill and not Marchenough time to make it to the hotel and back, so we bagged the idea.  We decided to make our way to Ocean Beach to watch the sunset.  Along the way we came upon a large mass of demonstrators protesting the supreme court’s decision to uphold Prop 8 banning gay marriage.  We joined the march for a bit before breaking out and heading to our beachy sunset.



2 responses to “San Francisco, part II

  1. Sounds like a fun time. Sorry you kept missing out on all the exhibits!

    Jealous that you got to visit the Imagiknit store!

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