Stitch ‘n Pitch

PNC ParkYesterday was the Fourth Annual Stitch ‘n Pitch at PNC Park.  Mixed among diehard fans in section 130 were a number of women knitting and crocheting in public.  In addition to our little swag bag of knitting goodies, we enjoyed a nice July afternoon in the beautiful park where we watched (or forgot to watch) the Pirates play the San Francisco Giants.  I started a baby sweater for some friends in the Bay Area who are expecting their first baby next month.  How appropriate, then, that the Giants won 4 to 3.



3 responses to “Stitch ‘n Pitch

  1. Sounds like nobody got hurt! Great!! 😉

  2. Awesome shots you took of the field! Beth’s huge tangle of yarn makes me cringe…

  3. Not to worry, that yarn is (finally) into skein form and slowly on its way to becoming a new pair o’ socks…

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