The problem with baby showers….

Just off the needles is another Sweetheart Cardigan in Araucania Ranco Solid, this time in pink.   It’s for friends in the Bay Area that are expecting their first baby any day now.

Sweetheart Cardigan II - 1 Sweetheart Cardigan II - 2

This will obviously not fit her for some time, but I have a theory.  At baby showers, mothers-to-be get lots of sweet little outfits for the newborn.  But very soon the child has outgrown all those gifts and the parents need to start shopping.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that fits after the first couple months??  (Well, it makes sense to me, plus, I absolutely love this pattern and I knit it in the smallest size which will fit a 12-24 month-old, so I’m sticking to my theory!)


One response to “The problem with baby showers….

  1. It turned out so cute! And I agree with your theory. Better too big so she can grow into it, rather than it only fitting for a few weeks.

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