Taking a stab at crochet.

I still haven’t been very motivated to knit, but crochet has been coming up a lot lately.  Last weekend, for instance, my aunt, after several attempts at learning knitting, decided to go back to crochet.  I tried to help her with the crochet, but my knowledge is limited.  After several attempts, I gave up.  CrochetThis week, a group gathered to crochet hats to take on a mission trip to Guatemala.  The group was willing to teach crochet and had donated yarn at the ready.  I have enough of an understanding of crochet to get something started, but there were a few details that I lacked that kept me from crocheting rectangles with straight edges and 90-degree angles.  The hats we were making were perfect practice patterns.  We crocheted rectangles that were then seamed and the tops drawn together to form the hats.  Having veterans within reach was really helpful and I managed to complete one CrochetHatneat rectangle to make one hat. And, before I forgot what I learned, I started another.

I still prefer the look and versatility of knitting, but I love that crochet is much faster, especially when doing charity work.


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