Doing my part for the G-20

If you haven’t heard, the G-20 Summit will be in Pittsburgh at the end of the month.  The city is in a frenzy getting ready to take on this massive event. Besides all the necessary safety precautions, Pittsburgh is trying to improve its image and make a good impression.  I liken it to cleaning the house before the in-laws come to town: dusting those usually neglected corners, bringing out the good linens, and sending that couch-surfing, lazy brother out of town for the weekend.

Warhol Flowers - 3I’m doing my part by helping the Pittsburgh Beautification Project spruce up some unsightly, abandoned buildings by installing Warhol-esque paintings in place of boarded up windows.  Beth and I spent the afternoon painting flowers on giant boards in an empty warehouse.  It was a lot of fun getting messy for the cause.

Warhol Flowers - 2

Warhol Flowers - 1

Obviously, Pittsburgh will not be taking the world leaders on tours of our once-beautiful, tree-lined neighborhoods since Duquesne Light has hacked the trees to a diseased looking state.  (It needed to be said.)


3 responses to “Doing my part for the G-20

  1. Oooh, pretty! Looks like fun!

  2. Let’s do it again next weekend!
    Hey, where are the pictures of you?!

  3. Pics of me were too blurry. 😦

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