As you know, I’ve been thinking a lot about photography and trying to find ways to keep that shutter snapping.  I have had a particular shot on my mind a lot lately, and I’d like to share it with you.

Windmill GGParkIf you’ve been to San Francisco, and in particular, Golden Gate Park, you know that two windmills sit (or once sat) on the ocean side of the park.  One day I was at the base of the Dutch windmill playing around with the camera.  There was a hole in the base and I peered inside.  I was curious to see what the condition of the working parts of the, then lifeless, windmill looked like.  Total darkness filled the inside cavity and I could not see a thing.  I tried again and again looking into the hole hoping that at some angle I could get a glimpse of something, anything, inside.  Then a brilliant idea hit me.  I stuck my digital camera in the hole, snapped a shot, then pulled it out to take a look at what was inside.  Eureka!  It worked, so I did it again.  And again, and again, and again!  And then, when I got home, I put it all together and got this: Inside Windmill Collage

So go stick your camera in a dark hole and see what you find.  Just don’t hold me responsible if you get bit in the process.  😉


2 responses to “Curiosity

  1. What a cool collage! I think you’re pretty brave to stick your hand/camera into a dark hole like that. Think of all the spiders…

  2. Oh my god!!! You are brilliant and insane….! I love this picture collage, the dandelion fritters, and I love your blog! Am sending it on to may friends.

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