Soup and Stitches Sunday

I’m a long time member of a Sunday knitting group.  This group originally started back in 2005 or 2006 by a Pitt grad student.  It has gone through many changes in its lifetime.  The venues have changed.  The times have changed.  The people have certainly changed.  These days we are reduced to a get together if two people can agree on a time and place to meet.  The one constant is that we always meet on Sundays.  The holidays have been hectic and there hasn’t been much of a turnout at the weekly knits.  So today we decided to meet for “Soup and Stitches Sunday”.  I put a pot of soup in the slow cooker this morning.  When the others arrived we had a nice spread of breads, snacks, and desserts to go with our soup.  It was great to see everyone and hear about each others’ holidays and travels.  There are two new pet owners in our group and a new aunt.  Seems like a long time since we were all together.


One response to “Soup and Stitches Sunday

  1. I ❤ soup n stich!

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