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Knitting Frenzy

I have been in a knitting frenzy.  You should know this probably means I’m avoiding doing something else.  Knitting is a great way to procrastinate without feeling quite so guilty!  I just finished Sarah Webster’s Challenger Hat pattern.

I used up some Lion Wool from my stash.  I love this color:  Lemongrass.  The hat is the first one that really fits me.  I think I make my own hats too small and then never wear them.  Lesson learned.  This was a pretty easy, straight forward pattern.  I did modify the top just a little to keep the ribbing pattern to the end.  The original pattern calls for the last few rounds to be done in stockinette.  I did a double decrease then purl 1 on those rounds (slip st, k2tog, psso) until about 9 stitches were left.  The biggest pain in the ass working this hat is that my needles are all over the place and I could only find 4 dpns, which meant stitches were constantly falling off the ends and needed to be picked up.

I finished and blocked this scarf and finally had a chance to photograph it.  This is Catherine Ryan’s Pioneer Braid Scarf pattern.

I am obsessed with the Regia Designer Line sock yarn, especially since the LYS has it on sale 40% off.  It’s funny, after doing the previous Lizard Ridge inspired scarf, I told a friend to look for patterns with slipped stitches to really show off the colors in this yarn.  I think, instead, short rows are the way to go.  The nice, long color runs in this yarn really hold up for the width of a scarf.  I have one more set of Designer Line skeins and am desperately looking for another short row pattern to make it in.  I may come up with my own short row design for this particular color way.

Also recently completed is the Caryll McConnell’s Wavy Wimple using another skein of Deborah Norville’s Serenity sock yarn.

I didn’t bother to do a swatch for this pattern figuring I could find someone, somewhere that it’ll fit.  So the wimple is not a true wimple, but more of a cowl – and I’m keeping it for myself.  The wavy lace pattern is beautiful and uncommon and the cowl is stretchy and warm.  Of course a solid yarn would show off the pattern better, but I’m trying to find quick, one skein projects to share.  I still think this is incredibly nice yarn for being so inexpensive.  Since it’s available at JoAnn fabrics it can easily be found by any knitter.  This color way is my favorite, it’s called “Chili”.  I love the nice long stripes of pink and grayish/greenish white.

So many more projects in mind, but, of course, I’ll eventually have to get to those things I’ve been avoiding.  Yeah, ha ha.



Sunday night I finished the scarf.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.  After blocking, the scarf seems much bigger and softer.  It is also very light, but should be nice and warm.  The pattern is adapted from the Lizard Ridge pattern by Laura Aylor.  You may remember it from Xavia’s blanket.  The yarn is Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett.  It’s the same yarn I used for Amelia’s Baby Surprise Jacket, but in a different colorway.

I am thinking that I’ll knit a bunch of scarves throughout the year and then at Christmas I’ll let everyone pick one.  I’m not sure how I’ll do that.  Have a “pick your scarf” party?  Give everyone a coupon?  Do one of those swap the gift games?  I sometimes have a hard time trying to find the right yarn and pattern for gifts, especially for men. It’s much easier to knit something and let it find it’s owner.  I recently read on someone’s blog (I forget whose) that the knitter will sometimes knit something with no particular person in mind and the first person to show an interest in it gets it!  Isn’t that fun?

Where’s the “knit” in Knitsburgh?

I know, I haven’t had a knitting post in a while.  Truth is, I haven’t really been knitting much.  I mean, I’ve been nibbling away on a few projects, but nothing that I could blog about.  But, since today is the baby shower, I can show my most recent finished object.  This Baby Surprise Jacket is for my friend Rebecca.  Her and her husband are expecting their first child in August.  I love that they are waiting for the birth of the baby to find out the sex.  It’s a little challenging knitting a unisex garment, but also nice to not feel compelled to knit a pink or blue sweater.  This yarn is from the Kaffe Fassett Design Line for Regia.  While I’m not a fan of Fassett’s designs (too over the top for me), I do love his colors.  I have been admiring this yarn for some time and was thrilled to be using it for the sweater.  The Baby Surprise Jacket is a great pattern for varigated and self striping yarns.  And I love that I found matching buttons (Parker Button)!