All About Me

Welcome to the Knitsburgh blog.

Why “Knitsburgh”?

Knitsburgh was born of the two major influences in my life of late: my return to and rediscovery of Pittsburgh, and my obsession with knitting.

I am Knitsburgh on Ravelry. If you knit and you aren’t on Ravelry, what are you waiting for??

I sell my knitted and felted wares at my Knitsburgh Etsy shop.  I recently opened a second Etsy shop to sell non-knitted items, appropriately named AndAnotherThing.

In person I am known as Lisa.




5 responses to “All About Me

  1. I just found blog sort of by accident. I was pleasantly surprised as I leave on Brilliant Ave – up the street from the coffee shop and I’m an avid knitter.

  2. How nice that you found the blog, Mary. You live in a very sweet neighborhood. Maybe we’ll bump into eachother some day with our knitting in hand.

  3. Hey Lisa!!
    I LOVE your blog & Esty store!!! I’m so glad you finally have found a place to sell and show your awesome knitware. Your blog is great. It is so infused with your personality and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the inclusion of the kitties. I miss them as well as you and I am so happy that you are having such a great time in Pittsburgh. The Shrimpy dolls rocks! Keep knitting up a storm!


  4. Hey Lisa,

    I just started a leadership blog on wordpress and I just saw your blog. Since knitting is my passion I had to come and look. Great site. Love the banner at the top! You make great stuff! I’m on ravelry too – chattyknittykat! I’m gonna watch your site!

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